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Welcome to my site!

Discard 2 is a new novel co-authored by Lois Charles and Bill Allen, my dad (b.1922-d.1977)

I had the best dad in the world! He was a great man, a mechanical engineer, masters in business, and always there for our family of five children, married to my mother for thirty years. He would write or paint at night to relax, which was his enjoyment and his hobby. He wrote to politicians and wrote poetry also. He would listen to classical music while doing so. Sometimes, when I came upstairs, he would ask, "What do you think?" referring to his latest oil painting he was working on. I would give him my opinion. 

Everyone loved dad. He passed away too early, at age fivty-five in 1977. 

I take after my dad in some ways, such as his love for creativity. I was born an artist. I remember doing pastels that were quite good for an eight year old, just like my little five-year old grandaughter does today, an inborn talent. I love to paint, quilt, and now write though I have been writing throughout my lifetime too.


So, my siblings and I cleaned out the house after he sadly passed on. I took some of his paintings, his poetry, and an outline for a novel. At that time, I did not read it for life happens. So, finally I read the outline about two years ago, and decided to finish it. So, after working on it for nine months, this baby was finally born!

So, here's to you dad! He would be fascinated by today's internet, how even a person like me, can have a book self-published! It may not be perfect, but it was done with love on every single page!

Lois Charles